Jaurdi Gold Mine

Annual environmental reporting to the regulatory body (DMIRS) is a necessary activity undertaken by active mining operations. Mine Survey Plus was engaged by Beacon Minerals to provide accurate aerial imagery capture of their active mining leases. The total area was approximately 24 square kilometres. Mine Survey Plus utilised their DJI M300 RTK UAV platform with their DJI P1 photogrammetry sensor to capture 15,000 images over 2 days, inclusive of ground control placement.

  • Client Beacon Minerals
  • Location Jaurdi Gold Project, Coolgardie
  • Duration Two days
  • Services Annual environmental reporting


With specialized equipment on hand, and CASA approval to fly above 400ft, Mine Survey Plus were able to rapidly complete aerial surveys of a large area that has historically relied on expensive and difficult to schedule manned aircraft. Image processing and deliverables extraction was completed in 24 hours.