Underground Mine Survey Audit & Control Survey

Mine Survey Plus was invited to audit the practises, processes and deliverables of the mine survey team at the Cortez Underground Gold Mine. During a one week site visit, the latest survey technology was assessed for suitability at Cortez, and recommendations were made that improved workflows, increased productivity and reduced errors.

  • Client Nevada Gold Mines
  • Location Elko, Nevada
  • Duration 2 months


A resurvey was recommended using Mine Survey Plus methodology and we were able to complete 47,000ft of survey from the Range Front Declines to Floridia Canyon in 11 days using MSP trained American suppliers, something that a previous contractor failed to achieve in six months! The final survey contained over 50,000 observations to 806 control points and was processed using least square adjustment software for an error rate of 1:30,000. The audit, combined with the resurvey delivered positive, tangible results to the client that decreased dilution and increased ounces.