Underground Control Survey and Level & Transformation

A resurvey of the primary access from the 1875 portal through to the 1525 portal was conducted in September 2020 at the Pogo Mine at the request of senior management. The survey was managed by Mine Survey Plus, using site based and sub-contracted surveyors due to restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19.

  • Client Northern Star Resources
  • Location Pogo Mine, Alaska
  • Duration 3 months


A surface static network was established which was then transferred underground by way of conventional braced traverse which was processed through least square adjustment software. Previously, there was no concise summary of the survey control network including its origins, transformations and accuracy. This survey has gone someway to correct that, with a stated methodology, and results with clear metadata and accuracy statements. Finally, transformation parameters were established as required to bring required mine levels into correct spatial position and those parameters applied to the geospatial dataset.