We are please to announce our new service offering!

Emesent have supplied a next generation Hovermap ST to Mine Survey Plus and we are ready to let loose this fantastic piece of kit on Australian mining and civil projects!  The unit can be mounted to our DJI M300 drone for autonomous mapping, or vehicle/hand held for more intricate inspection of plant and...

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Our new monitoring pillar is up and running!

It is currently monitoring a Tailings Storage Facility every four hours as it collects baseline data before construction begins on a haul road early next month. We are running a Trimble Inc. S9 total station supplied by UPG (Ultimate Positioning Group) with an M1 SETTOP Survey control box and a custom pillar/solar arrangement. Data is streaming...

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GNSS Base Station Creation

How did Mine Survey Plus get into providing high quality GNSS Base stations for long term, remote installations? First we asked Olympic cyclist Darryn Hill to customize our ex marine channel markers so we could mount a larger solar panel and move them with a fork lift. Then we asked the team...

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