GNSS Base Station Creation

How did Mine Survey Plus get into providing high quality GNSS Base stations for long term, remote installations?

First we asked Olympic cyclist Darryn Hill to customize our ex marine channel markers so we could mount a larger solar panel and move them with a fork lift. Then we asked the team at HL Geospatial to provide a Trimble Geospatial Alloy GNSS Receiver with a powerful 450H radio.

Finally we went to Carl Fragomeni at Delta Auto Spark (pictured above) and got him to design and build a first class 12V installation. They solved our vent issues, came up with a great way to save battery power and added a bullet proof lightening protection system. Carl runs a second generation family company and from what I could see he treats his customers and staff with the same respect his Dad would have 40 years ago.

This base station setup is headed to Kalgoorlie to look after a couple of dozers running a TSF buttressing project for 6 months and once set up will only need the bird poop cleaned off the solar panel once in a while.

Get in touch if you would like us to design and build a base station for your project.