Bellevue Gold Mine

Mine Survey Plus was initially engaged by Bellevue Gold Limited to establish a mine grid system as exploration moved towards the active mining stage at the Bellevue Gold Mine. As the project progressed, full-time coverage and survey equipment was needed. Mine Survey Plus took on the challenge of creating a survey department with modern hardware and the right people, including two experienced surveyors and the Grade 1 Authorised Mine Surveyor.

  • Client Bellevue Gold Limited
  • Location Bellevue Gold Mine
  • Duration Two years
  • Services Creation of a digital mine asbuilt


With our team’s knowledge and industry contacts we were able to build and provide Bellevue with a digital mine asbuilt consisting of data complied from mine plans dating back to 1909! Our fleet of survey equipment not only provided for the day to day survey needs but our more specialised hardware was able to deliver void scanning, gyroscopic check surveys and UAV data capture. The future Bellevue Survey Department will inherit a spatially accurate mine that fulfills all regulatory requirements.