Our 204th Kilometre of Resurvey Delivered!

This project racked up our 204th kilometre of resurvey delivered using our tried and proven methodology of combining a braced one way traverse, lots of redundancy, gyroscopic observations and processing through least square adjustment.

This survey was just short of 5km in total, with 454 stations, 33,000 observations and 6 underground gyroscopic baselines. The beauty of using least squares, is that we can “stress test” our survey by progressively dropping redundancy from the result and checking to see if our results deviate. Three stations were selected at the extents of the mine, and from a fully constrained and braced survey we progressively dropped gyros, then wall stations (the bracing) so we are only left with effectively a survey made up of turning points.

As expected, the Error Ellipses (confidence levels) get larger as the redundancy decreases, but satisfyingly there is no large scale bust in positional errors. Rely on our hard won expertise and make Mine Survey Plus your one stop shop for advice on resurvey methodology, hardware and process!